The Autonomous Administration hands over three children and a woman to the Netherlands Government

Three children and a woman from the families of Daesh members were handed over, on Saturday, to an official delegation from the Netherlands government in Qamishli city.
The joint head of the Foreign Relations Department, Abdul Karim Omar, received the Dutch delegation which included special envoy for the Syrian file Emile De Bond and director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Foreign Ministry Dirk Jean Neuwenhuis.
After a closed-door meeting, both De Bond and Omar signed an official protocol for the extradition process.
Abdul Karim Omar said at a joint press conference that the Autonomous Administration policy is based on the extradition of orphaned children and some humanitarian cases requiring urgent treatment, and women who have not been found to have committed crimes inside Syrian to their countries of origin if requested by states.
Omar said the extradition process will include a woman, her two children and another sick child who has taken written consent from her mother, because Autonomous Administration laws allow children to be separated from their mothers only with their consent.
Omar reiterated the call of the international community in general and in particular Europe to assume its responsibilities towards their citizens and to establish fair tribunals for them on their land.
For his part, De Bond thanked the Autonomous Administration for shouldering the burden of protecting the families of Daesh fighters and caring for their children despite all the crimes these fighters have committed against all people.

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