The Syrian Democratic Council accuses the Syrian coalition mercenaries of committing the crime of Afrin hospital

The Syrian Democratic Council accused the tools and mercenaries of the so-called “Syrian National Coalition” of committing the massacre of Afrin hospital, describing them as hired criminals. The Council called on the international community for formation a special and impartial international commission to investigate this crime, identify those responsible, bring the perpetrators to justice and show the truth to the Syrian people.
The Council’s statement said:

A Statement to public opinion
At a time when all Syrians were waiting with great interest and concern for the summit meetings announced earlier between the presidents of the United States and Russia on the one hand, and the United States and Turkey on the other, especially since the Syrian file was expected to be strongly present in these important meetings, the Syrians hoped that these meetings will lead to a breakthrough in the course of the crisis, calming the conflict, and charting the way for a political solution with international guarantees to protect Syrians, achieve their social security, protect their rights and the establishment of a democratic system, a modern constitution and a sound political life, but otherwise, as always expected, the leaders of the so-called “National Coalition” did not initiate these important meetings in any action that contributes to the expectations and aspirations of the Syrian people for peace, freedom and stability, but they brazenly demanded their operators to occupy more Syrian territory and displace more Syrians, as part of a project that became clear to all that does not have any national agenda for Syria, in which the role of “the coalition” is nothing other than a hired criminal used by the occupiers, and this role assigned to a bunch of Syrians has become a real danger to the future of Syria.
The Turkish regime intends to keep the chaos in the Syrian areas under its control with the aim of holding the SDF accountable and obstructing its core mission in fighting terrorist organizations and their renewed cells, and Turkey aims to obtain permission to grab more Syrian territory through Syrian mercenaries who are far from Syrian patriotism, the political solution, the peace we seek, and from the one nation for which we sacrifice.

Coalition criminals worked at all levels of decadence until they became in the gutter, and they expressed their bankruptcy very rudely as the Biden-Erdogan meeting approached. They began to offend the Syrian Democratic Project by tampering with the security of civilians, and their goal is to distort the heroism of SDF. This time, their crime came by targeting a hospital in Afrin and committing a massacre against innocent civilians, where their spiteful media hastened by accusing “SDF” in conjunction with the demand of coalition representatives for their operators to occupy more Syrian territory. Their performance was lousy in a scanty play with a fragile scheme that did not fool anyone, especially since the whole world now knows who are the killers of innocent civilians, and the thieves of olives and the property of the people. Those who make the settlers live in the homes of the displaced , and who are the perpetrators of daily crimes proceeded by the so-called opposition which is nothing more than spies of the regime and Turkish agents who have no purpose but to thwart the revolution of the Syrian people and to stir up hatred and racism among the components of the one people who have spent a decade in the eye of the storm and can now understand the truth of these mercenaries and realize their menial goals, and this ridicules discourse will no longer affect them.
The Syrian Democratic Council pays tribute to the souls of martyrs and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured. The Syrian Democratic Council is working hard to activate channels of dialogue with various Syrian patriots putting all its energies in the service of the cause of Syrian people and to expel the occupiers from its territory, and the Council is following-up the file of crimes committed by coalition factions in various areas where they presence and working to put an end to all their crimes committed under political cover that provides them with protection and support.

We, in the Syrian Democratic Council, firmly reject that the crime of Afrin hospital goes without accountability and refuse to turn the blood of innocent Syrian people into pressure papers used to strengthen the positions of the occupiers in their negotiations with the major Powers. And while we condemn the shameful behavior of the so-called “coalition”, we call on the United Nations and the Security Council not to close the file of the terrorist crime committed by these criminals against innocent people and to separate this file from political discussions between the parties, and we call for the formation of a special and impartial international commission to investigate this crime, identify those responsible, bring the perpetrators to justice and show the truth to the Syrian people.

June 18, 2021
Syrian Democratic Council

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