Were the Turkish-backed armed factions already aware of the attack on Afrin?

It is clear and certain that the armed factions were already aware of targeting Afrin on (June 12, 2021) and the evidence came through one of the news networks affiliated to Turkish-backed armed factions which is called (Sham Network). The network published a report in which it wanted to condemn our forces without evidence based on the Turkish authorities’ instructions, yet they condemned themselves with conclusive evidence. According to their report, the air traffic and artillery monitoring centers in northwestern Syria were aware in advance of the targeting of the hospital 15 minutes before the targeting, where one of the mercenaries (Captain Amin) sent an audio recording in which he literally mentioned the targeting of Afrin, specifically the hospital, and this quote is taken from the website of (Sham Network) affiliated to the armed factions:
“After the first bombing, Captain Amin sent an audio recording, warning that a SDF rocket launcher in the Kashtaar area near Deir Jamal town in Aleppo northern countryside, would repeat the shootings on Afrin city, and that they will target the hospital, which actually happened about 15 minutes after he was alerted.”
Herein lies the question that how did they know in advance about the targeting of Afrin specifically the hospital, a quarter of an hour before the targeting? This confirms the military and media advance planning of those parties and the preparation for a malicious scheme targeting the civilians, especially while preventing media teams (including those close to Turkey) from filming the scene and its circumstances.
The second and most important question, based on their recognition of the timing and location of the targeting, is why they did not rush to evacuate the hospital from civilians, where a quarter of an hour is enough not only to evacuate the hospital but also to evacuate an entire town.
In general, we have previously stressed that our forces are not in any way linked to the recent suspicious attack, and consider the attempt to accuse us no more than false and a dirty attempt to cover up the real criminals, and we call for an international and independent commission of inquiry to investigate the total terrorist operations and violations that took place in Afrin by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from displacements, kidnappings and killing of people, to targeting them in the diaspora areas in northern Aleppo.
Link of the report posted on Sham Network:




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