Arresting 10 terrorists in Western Deir Ezzor

During a security operation supported by the international coalition’s ISR, the SDF arrested 10 terrorists affiliated to Daesh, in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor.
The operation targeted the villages of Geneina, al-Housan, and the surrounding farms, and it was conducted upon the request of residents and dignitaries of the region due to the increased terrorist acts of the sleeper cells.
(Deir Ezzor Military Council, Counter-Terrorism Units) were among the forces participated in the operation, and they arrested 10 mercenaries who were hiding in civilian areas and seized several weapons, which are as follows:
Kalashnikov Weapon: 7 pieces
Kalashnikov quivers: 6
Kalashnikov magazines: 32 and six ammunition boxes.
revolver with 8 silencers
18 cans of revolver ammunition.
Automatic rifle: 12
2 Daggers and one sword.
The SDF confirms its intention to uproot the roots of terrorist cells and save the region of their threats and terrorism and calls on all citizens to cooperate more with the competent agencies to maintain security and stability and achieve development in all sectors, primarily service, social and economic.

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