Destroying a tank and trenches of the Turkish occupation in Tal Abyad countryside

Between June 21st and July 1st, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries conducted a series of heavy weapons attacks targeting several villages in Tal Abyad, the M4 international road as well as the vicinity of Ain Issa.

The villages attacked by Turkey are (Khirbet Baqar, Arida, Bir Zinar, Laqlouk, Suwan, Mabluja, Zenobia, Sleib, Farhouna, Kor Hassan, Qazali Silos, and its surroundings). In addition to the villages nearby the Ain Issa town and the M4 International Road. Those villages have been subjected to violent attacks with artillery and mortar weapons, as well as several attempts to advance that were confronted by our fighters.

As a result of those attacks, a large number of civilians were injured and one civilian, Mohammed Ibrahim al-Heisher, was martyred.

Within the framework of legitimate self-defense, our fighters responded to the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and conducted a series of retaliation operations resulting in several casualties among the occupation army and its mercenaries. the results of those retaliation operations as follows:  killing of eight mercenaries, destroying two thermal monitoring cameras, destroying two trenches, destroying two military vehicles and a tank.

SDF Media Center

July 4, 2021

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