Disclosing three martyrs’ records in Ain Issa and Raqqa

As the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries intensified their shelling of the vicinity of Ain Issa and its villages, and after the mercenaries infiltrate attempts were repulsed by our forces with heavy losses of life and equipment among the mercenaries.
Two of our heroic fighters rose to the rank of martyrdom and honor in the Ain Issa area drawing with their pure blood the most excellent examples of heroism, and the third fighter was martyred in Raqqa city due to his injury while participating in the liberation of Raqqa from Daesh terrorists.
We in the SDF promise the martyrs and their families to follow in their footsteps until mercenaries are expelled from our homeland and until the last inch of our occupied territories is liberated.
The martyrs’ record is as follows:

Nom de guerre: Roj
Real name: Ahmed Sattar al-Thaljan
Father name: Abdul Sattar
Mother name: Hajja
Place and date of martyrdom: Silos of Qazali – Tel Abyad Sector

Nom de guerre: Shorash
Real name: Mohamed Nour Ahmed al-Abdullah
Father’s name: Ahmed
Mother’s Name: Farha
Place and date of martyrdom: Ain Issa 1-7-2021

Nom de guerre: Abu Manar
Real name: Khaled Hussein al-Kali
Father name: Hussein
Mother name: Noura
Place and date of martyrdom: Raqqa 1-7-2021

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