The Media Center publishes the outcome of six months of military operations

With historical resistance and step by step, the revolution and struggle of North and Eastern Syria against the backwardness of Daesh and the Turkish occupation has cemented its place in the history of the world revolutions. Daesh ended geographically after it was the scourge of the whole world. Otherwise, the struggle against Daesh continues today in a stronger context in conjunction with the historical resistance against Turkish occupation attacks that wants revenge for Daesh from the people of the region.
Since the beginning of 2021, operations against the terrorist organization “Daesh” and resistance against the Turkish occupation attacks have continued. The outcome of this struggle in the first six months of 2021 was as follows:
Thirty-four operations against Daesh were conducted during which 245 mercenaries were arrested and three mercenaries were killed during the clashes. A tunnel used by the mercenaries was uncovered and a motorcycle was destroyed and two mines were detonated as well as confiscating a large quantity of ammunition and IEDs.
Since the beginning of this year and till now, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have bombed the Ain Issa countryside and Tal Tamir 206 times and more than 10 ground attacks that were confronted by our forces and violent clashes erupted to thwart the mercenaries attempts to advance. The clashes resulting in killing more than 50 mercenaries and wounding 25, and the destroying of two armored vehicles, two Doshka machineguns, and two armored vehicles, and confiscating a large quantity of ammunition.
Fourteen of our comrades were also martyred while resisting the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

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