Statement regarding Turkish attacks

Turkish army and allied armed factions have escalated attacks on our forces and our people in the recent week. Til Temir and its countryside has been under non-stop artillery attacks. District of Zirgan and villages of Dardara, Qubur, al-Qarachina, Masalta and Sheikhali have come under Turkish attacks only in the recent week.

On August 17, village of Tawila located at the western countryside of Til Temir and M4 international road have been targeted. A mother and her child were martyred as result of this attack, 16 citizens, most of whom were children and women have been injured.

On August 19, at 18:00 PM local time, Turkish army carried out an air strike against one of our bases in centre of Til Temir. 4 of our fighters were martyred, and some injured as result of the attack. We will announce identity information of our comrades later on. Several civilian properties and houses were also damaged in the attack.

We reiterate that we will use our right to legitimate self-defense in the face of any kind of attacks.

Til Temir Military Council

August 19, 2021

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