The final statement of the annual meeting of the SDF Military Councils

In the presence of the leaders of all councils and military forces and institutions and with the participation of the command of the international coalition against Daesh, the SDF military councils held On Sunday (August 1, 2021) their annual meeting.
The meeting discussed the ground, military, and political developments in Syria and the region, as well as the counter-terrorism operations and ways to establish security and stability and promote economic growth in north and eastern Syria. The meeting also discussed the situation of the areas occupied by Turkey and the regime’s hostile stances toward north and eastern Syria.
It was also stressed that Daesh terrorist organization is still topped the list of threats to the people of the north and eastern Syria and the freedom world and stressed the need to continue to fight the terrorist organization and eradicate its cells by all legitimate means in cooperation with the international coalition against Daesh.
The attendees emphasized the need to remove the environmental factors that fuel Daesh to achieve an enduring victory over the terrorist organization through political and economic support for the Autonomous Administration in the north and eastern Syria, in addition to the military support and fortifying the administration with the tools to enhance security and stability and ensure a better future for the people of the region.
The meeting called on the international community to shoulder its legal and moral commitments to detention centers which comprise 11,000 Daesh members, in addition to 64,000 members of their families in al-Hol and Roj camps.
The meeting also urged the international community and international actors in the region to put pressure on Turkey to stop its aggression against the north and eastern Syria and put an end to war crimes committed by the Turkish army and its armed groups and establish a mechanism to ensure the safe return of indigenous people to their homes and villages.
In this regard, the attendees welcomed the U.S administration’s decision to add the “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” militia to the list of sanctions issued by the U.S. Treasury Department and called for the need to investigate crimes committed by that militia’s partners and prosecute those involved in crimes against humanity in the occupied Syrian areas. The attendees renewed the covenant to liberate and reclaim the occupied areas and ensure a decent and free life for the populations of those areas.
The meeting also discussed the hostile policies and practices conducted by the Syrian regime against the people of the north and eastern Syria, stressing that these policies do not help in establishing the solution, and called on the regime to contribute to a lasting solution to the Syrian crisis and negotiate with Autonomous Administration the principle of recognizing this administration and accepting the privacy of the Syrian Democratic Forces and recognizing the legitimate rights of the Kurdish, Assyrian Syriac people and other components within the framework of a unified democratic Syria.
In this context, the meeting stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination with the Russian armed forces to achieve de-escalation on the northern border, and called on the Russian government to play a stronger role in opening the way for lasting political solutions in Syria.
It was also underscored that the restructuring of the SDF should be moved forward to strengthen defense capabilities, and the need to abide by the SDF’s rules of procedure compatible with all international conventions and treaties to be the guarantee of making the institutional action the key pillar within the SDF.
In conclusion, the SDF military councils thanked all participants in the annual meeting and representatives of the Syrian Democratic Council and the Autonomous Administration in the north and eastern Syria, political parties and democratic institutions, and the command of the international coalition, in the hope of establishing security and stability for our people, our country and the entire world.

The Annual meeting of the SDF Military Councils.

August 1, 2021

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