The Sweep Operation of the western countryside of Raqqa ends with arresting 34 terrorists and suspects of Daesh members.

As part of Counter-Terrorism operations against Deash terrorist cells, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed by Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), conducted large-scale sweeps and raids on Wednesday morning in specific areas in the western countryside of Raqqa.
The operation was targeting Daesh cells and their collaborators and based on accurate intelligence that some terrorists have infiltrated to the makeshift camps in the western countryside of Raqqa with the help of some IDPs who facilitated their work and provided shelter and logistical support for these terrorists.
During the operation, our forces swept the tents scattered on both sides of the Raqqa-Tapqa road, arresting four terrorists affiliated with the Daesh terrorist cell and 30 agents who were providing logistical support and shelter for that cell.
Our forces also confiscated several weapons, ammunition, and military uniforms held by the terrorist cell.
Our forces affirm their determination to pursue and target the hotbeds of terrorism in Raqqa city and its countryside and to dry up their sources especially those trying to exploit the humanitarian situation of the IDPs to place themselves in the camps to spread their terrorist ideology.

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