Our SDF fighters thwart Turkish_backed mercenaries attrack on a Village northwest Ain Issa

Our SDF fighters have reppeled a ground_ artillery atrack and infiltration carried out by Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the village of Al Bebs on M4 international road northwest Ain Issa .
On Wednesday 03:45 midnight,Turkish-linked mercenaries backed with tanks have attacked the village of Al Debs where firce clashes broke out lasted for more than 2 hours .
During the attack , our fighters managed to repel the operation, kill dozens of mercenaries and damaging military vehicles .
The Turkish bombing of the region has caused the death of 1 civilian aged 35 and injury of 4 more, Zeyneb Mohamed Sherif 30 and Sherif Mohamed Al Awad 83 who were transferred to Raqqa hospitals .

During the infiltration , Turkish backed mercenaries have looted number of civilian houses and have stolen 100 sheeps .


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