The outcome of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries violations in Tal Abyad and Ain Issa during September 2021

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to shell the western countryside of the occupied city of Tal Abyad. On September 5th, they targeted the villages of Al-Sawan and Al-Salbi with more than 16 attacks, and on the 16th of this month, they have used “Poisonous Andort” bombs in targeting the Al-Khafia village.
On September 17th, they targeted civilian homes, with heavy weapons and artillery, killing four civilians:
Malik al-Hamid 52-year-old
Aidan Hamid al-Amiri 40-year-old
Khamos al-Basili, 20-year-old
Hamad al-Jarboua, 20-year-old.
On September 22nd, our forces responded to infiltration by the Turkey-backed mercenaries on the al-Debs village in an attempt to take control of the village, five mercenaries were killed and four wounded during that failed infiltration. After that, they conducted indiscriminate shelling, resulting in killing the civilian
Majid al-Awad, 35-year-old
and injuring:
Zainab Mohammed Sharif, 30
Mohammed Sharif al-Awad, 83
Mohammed Spacious, 19
Yusuf Mohammed Haj Hammadi, 25
and Tarfa Merey .
On September 24th, the Turkish occupation targeted with artillery the villages of Qazali Kabir and Qazali Saqir.
The Turkish occupation army continues to shell the western countryside of Tal Abyad, the western of Ain Issa city, the M4 road, and the villages adjacent to the M4 road, such as Khalidiya, Hoshan, and al-Debs.
SDF Media Centre

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