The outcome of the Turkish occupation violations against Manbij’s northern countryside during September 2021

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to breach the international laws and conventions by shelling the populated villages on the Sajour line in Manbij northern countryside and Al-Arama town. The Turkish occupation bases targeted with 723 shells the areas of:
– Hocharia al-Jat al-Tokhar- 151 shells
– Arab Hassan, Mohsenli and Aoun Al-Dadat- 51 shells
– Um Adsah ( al-Farat) and al-Dandaneia. 303 shells
– al-Sayada- 76 shells
– al-Yalanelli- 52 shells
– Um Joloud- 4 shells
– Al-Oraima and its villages- 86 shells on Kaukli, Bougaz, Qirt, Wiran, al-Yalyanlli, al-Fawwars Farm, Korhiuk, Jub al-Hamra, Al-Awsajli crossroads.
The shelling resulted in damaging the Poer grid and civilian homes in the village of Arab Hassan and fires in agricultural crops in the village of Um Adsah.
As part of the legitimate self-defense, our forces targeted a military vehicle that was targeting the Manbij military council points in the village of Um Adsah.
The forces of al-Bab Military Council also responded to the sources of shelling targeting the al-Sayeda village, and managed to break into the Turkish occupation base located in al-Yashili, and destroyed the weapons and equipment at the base.
It should be noted that these increasing violations committed by the Turkish occupation, without a humanitarian or moral deterrent, have caused fear and panic among the people living in these villages.
Media Center of Manbij Military Council
September 27, 2021

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