Raqqa was saved from a big terrorist bombing

To media and public opinion:
In the early hours of October 1, SDF special units conducted a qualitative security operation against a dangerous Daesh cell north of Raqqa city. Based on the intelligence gathered by our competent agencies, we confirmed that the cell was preparing to conduct a massive bombing in Raqqa city using a car bomb.
During the operation, clashes erupted with the terrorists resulted in killing two of them, destroying the car bomb, and arresting three others. One of the killed terrorists was responsible for the IEDs and bombings.
After the occupation of Tal Abyad and Sri Kanih/Ras al-Ain by Turkey, Daesh realigned its cells using those areas as a base for preparing terrorist acts.
The security operation saved Raqqa from a big attack, and it is considered a heavy blow to Daesh’s attempts to realign its terrorist cells in the region.

SDF Media Centre
October 3, 2021

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