SDF excludes 54 underage children from its ranks

Based on the action plan signed between the SDF and the United Nations on July 1, 2019, to prevent underage recruitment,
the SDF excluded today 54 underage children from its ranks.
Aked Agri, the SDF Relations Officer, said that SDF is committed to all international conventions and laws. However, the recruitment of these underage children was due to the falsification of their documents, especially those who lost their identification due to the displacements caused by the terrorist operations.
Khaled Jabr, the joint head of Child Protection Office, explained that their Office in al-Jazeera region, in cooperation with committees set up by the SDF, had recently reviewed the archives of the military forces to ensure that there are no underage recruitment cases. Accordingly, 54 minor children were excluded and delivered to their homes.

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