Arresting Two Turkish intelligence’s agents in Raqqa

To media and public opinion
In parallel with its military invasions against our safe areas in north and eastern Syria, the Turkish occupation has recently formed spy cells for conducting terrorist acts and gathering information about legal figures and security centers to destabilize the region.
The SDF Counter-Terrorism units have arrested two mercenaries in Raqqa and its countryside, affiliated with the Turkish intelligence, and were recruited by Turkish mercenaries inside the occupied Syrian territories and Turkey.
Agent Wael Dahi al-Hammad, 24, confessed to having contact with Turkish intelligence in the Suluk area under a series of temptations by the so-called SNA. He was assigned to collect information about the centers of the security forces and the SDF in northern Raqqa, as well as the smuggling of IEDs from the occupied territories to terrorist cells in north and eastern Syria. He was arrested by special units while trying to smuggle the second batch of the IEDs.
Agent Mohammed Eid al-Eid, 32, confessed that he was recruited by a man called (Mustafa Tahina), who currently lives in the Turkish city of Tarsus. he was assigned by Turkish intelligence to take photos of military sites and send them with coordinates to Turkish intelligence in exchange for money. He was arrested while taking photos of a military site.
The efficiency of our forces in using technology and the human factor in tracking down and pursuing terrorist cells has contributed significantly to the detection of agents and spies, the reduction of terrorist acts, and deterring the terrorist from harming society. However, we call on our people to be wary of the occupation’s plans and to assist our forces and competent agencies in detecting suspicious movements.
Syrian Democratic Forces Media Center
4 November 2021

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