Eight Turkey-backed mercenaries were killed when our forces addressed two separate attacks on Ain Issa villages

Eight mercenaries were killed and nine others wounded as our forces confronted, on Friday evening, two attacks on the villages of al-Mushairfa and Sayda, Ain Issa town. Violent clashes erupted between our fighters and mercenaries included heavy artillery shelling by the occupation.
The attacks are as follows:

On November 26 (03:45 p.m.), the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries conducted a ground attack on al-Mushairfa village, northeast of Ain Issa. Our fighters confronted the occupation’s soldiers and mercenaries who fled the battlefield after half-hour-long violent clashes.

On the same day (08:05 p.m.), the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries conducted another ground attack on Sayda village, north of Ain Issa, attempting to occupy the village. Our forces responded to the attack, thwarting the occupation attempts to take control of the area.
On the same day (09:14 p.m.), our fighters targeted a provocative gathering of Turkish-backed mercenaries in the axis of Sukiro village, northeast of Ain Issa, forcing the mercenaries to retreat towards the back lines of in occupied areas.

In conjunction with these attacks, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries shelled with artillery and tanks the mentioned villages, and the M4 international road, causing material damage to civilian farms and property.

As a result of the clashes following the failed attacks of Turkish-backed mercenaries on the two villages, eight mercenaries were confirmed dead and nine others wounded.

SDF Media Center

November 26, 2021

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