Final statement for the meeting of the Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces

In the presence of all the faction leaders, the leaders of the forces and the main offices, the Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces held its periodic meeting. The meeting dealt with the military, political and field conditions and the interim plans of the forces.

In the political and military situation, the meeting focused on the continuity of combating ISIS and its active and sleeper cells, increasing military activities to pursue it and not allowing it to cause any harm to the state of relative stability in the region.

The meeting also stressed that combating extremist ideology, led by ISIS, in addition to military operations, must be accompanied by real development and economic projects in the region, especially in areas that were directly affected by the war against this organization.

The meeting also dealt with the continuous Turkish threats and provocations along the borders, especially in the occupied areas in the north and east of Syria, in addition to its military operations and targeting civilians with drones and artillery shelling on the populated villages in the border strip, which aim to destabilize the security , intimidate the safe population and strike the self-administration project by allowing the return of ISIS and the revitalization of its cells again, and in this context, the meeting stressed the need not to underestimate the threats of the Turkish state, as they are serious threats, and all forces must continue in a state of alert and combat readiness to confront any new Turkish aggression
In the context of the position of the authority in Damascus, the meeting expressed that this authority is not ready for any political settlement in Syria, but rather exploits the Turkish threats on the Syrian territories and the deteriorating economic situation of the Syrian people caused by the authority itself as a result of its behavior in the interest of expanding its forces and sphere of influence as well to returning Syria to before 2011. The insistence of the ruling authority in Damascus on resolving the Syrian crisis through its logic to make reconciliation devoid of any national or realistic standards, therfore our people must realize this fact and confront this tyrannical policy.

The meeting expressed that the Syrian Democratic Forces will work closely with all parties, including the international coalition and the Russian Federation, to find a real solution to the Syrian crisis that meets the requirements of the Syrian people of all political and social spectrums.

With regard to the military organizational situation of its forces, the meeting took a number of decisions with the aim of developing institutional work and strengthening its defense capabilities.

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces .

November 21 / 2021

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