Martyr Andock Cotkar ( Costantine )  

Andock Cotkar ( Costantine ) was born and grew up in Germany , the city of Kiel

He has worked as a farmer in his hometown the thing that made him to choose his war name among SDF ranks as  Jotkar which means farmer in Kurdish language  .

Defending humanity

In the first of September 2016 which marks the international Anti-War day , the German  farmer has decided to choose his destination and join the war against one of the most terrorist groups ever  Islamic State ISIS .

Andok was deeply saddened and shocked while watching ISIS atrocities against unarmed civilians .

His journey started when he got his flight to Iraqi Kurdistan without telling his family  .

The destination was North East Syria . joining the Multi-ethnic forces( Syrian Democratic Forces)   SDF in its fight against ISIS .

The freedom fighter was inspired by the most reliable force fighting ISIS in Syria  , he wanted to be a part of SDF in creating a Multi-cultural , Democratic , ecological society and the freedom of women .

Costantine or as he called himself among his comrades Jotkar participated in several battles against ISIS in Manbij, Jarablous , and Raqqa ,

During his fight against ISIS , the German volunteer could save the lives of many of his comrade fighters and civilians  since his role in the front line was a field medic in the team of tactical paramedic unite .

Earlier and before arriving Syria , Andock has also joined the Shingl protection units YBS as the Shingal entire community was facing a genocides .


The fallen comrade was injured three times while fighting ISIS alongside with SDF, however the courageous fighter never give up , he did continue his mission .

In September 2017 during the fierce clashes in Raqqa,  Jotkar was badly injured when he got a shot in his head by ISIS sniper , but fortunately he was putting his helmet which still in the foreign fighters academy as a souvenir .

It was one of his most serious injuries which forced him to travel back home in Germany for treatment .

The return and last farewell

After Turkey and its jihadist groups launched an offensive against the predominantly Kurdish city of Rass Al ayin , the German volunteer traveled back to Northeast Syria to paly his role once again and defend the city against terrorism and occupation leaving behind a very touching message to his parents  ” I have to go”  .

Three days following his arrival . the German ex- farmer and SDF fighter has fallen in the battle as a result of Turkish air raid  in October 2019 while aged just 24

The German and SDF hero has sacrificed his life for struggle against terrorism , occupation and humanity as many other martyrs in northeast Syria who remain alive in the memory and heart of their battle comrades who swear to keep on their struggle against terrorism and occupation until drive it out of Syria .



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