Press Release Regarding the False News about Daesh Detainees

Local media has reported false news about the SDF’s intention to release more than 700 Daesh and local agents mercenaries from prisons in north and eastern Syria. They attached their false reports with lists of names claiming to be for Daesh detainees. We confirm that the news and the lists of names are false, untrue, and have not been issued by relevant official bodies in the north and eastern Syria.
The SDF reiterates its call for the international community to establish a special international tribunal in north and eastern Syria to try Daesh elements, achieve justice, and ensure redress for victims. The SDF calls on all countries that have nationals in the Autonomous Administration’s prisons to cooperate and deal seriously with this file, and it underscores the seriousness of this issue which has turned into the most incitement propaganda for Daesh in recruiting more terrorists and conducting terrorist acts, posing a threat to local and global peace and security.
SDF Media Center
November 30, 2021

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