The girl with the red scarf

The women’s protection units YPJ fighter Ayisha Deniz Caracagikl was born in the Turkish city of Antalya 1993 .

Ayisha was civil activist since she was young, and always was asking for the freedom of people and fight injustice towards vulnerable groups .

In October 2013 Ayisha participated in the Gezi Park demonstration south Antalya and hit headlines in Turkey  after she was arrested along with other activists for being a part in the peaceful demonstration rejecting Turkey’s crackdown policy , while aged 21 .

She was accused of wearing a red scarf which was interpreted in the indictment as a symbol of socialism , hence she was named as the girl with the red scarf .


 Tyranny court

The public prosecutor  demanded that Ayisha must be imprisoned between 24 and 98 years . however the court released her after 5 months under the conditions of remaining under judicial supervision and visit the police center every week .

Ayisha lawyer demanded to retrieve her red scarf several  times , but the court rejected and the lawyer was jailed in 2016 on charges of being linked to Gulen Group, also CNN Turk was prosecuted simply for giving an interview to Ayisha .


Fleeing Turkish tyranny and fight against Daesh

Ayisha left Turkey fleeing the oppression and crackdown policy, later on she joined the Syrian Democratic Forces  SDF to fight against Daesh in northeast Syria , she chose the name  Destan Yoruk””

The girl with the red scarf had once again hit top of the headlines when reports and pictures were published confirming her presence in Syria , as a result the Turkish court in absent decided to jail her for 103 years .



In 2017 Ayisha lost her life while taking part in SDF operation against Daesh in Raqqa when she was 25 years old , , the Kurdish girl was buried in Kobani cemetery for martyrs as she demanded before , her  father was able to come from Turkey to Syria to attend  the funeral , but on the way back he was prosecuted for attending his Daughters  funeral , and was acquitted later on .

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