The  SDF fighter Mukhlif Ahmed AL Ayfan

The SDF courageous , tireless fighter Mukhlif Ahmed AL Ayfan grew up in Abu kamal – Die ez Zour governorate , a Syrian city on Euphrates river near the border with Iraq.

After the terrorist organization of Islamic State ISIS started to take over territories and expand its influence across Syria , the rural boy wanted to join the ranks of Syrian Democratic Forces SDF  .

Mukhlif’s fighting journey with the SDF started at the beginning of 2015 when he decided to take a part in the fight against ISIS to liberate the region and drive ISIS out of his country .

After being in the front lines with SDF against ISIS in several battles , the son of Abu kamal was leading one of SDF combat team in the battles against ISIS last pockets in the following towns of  Hajin, Shaafa, Sussa and Baghouz ( Syrian towns on the banks of Euphrates river)  Deir ez Zour governorate .

As Mukhlif was well experienced and good strategic- planning commander in the battle,  in addition to his military discipline  , the SDF field commander was able to accomplish all tasks entrusted to him and his fighting  group in different  battles against ISIS .

Following the liberation of ISIS last strongholds in Syria by SDF , the brave fighter was one of the first who participated in cleaning the land mines and booby traps left behind by ISIS ,  sadly Mukhlif didn’t get his last mission done as he was badly injured by a mine explosion resulted in losing his two legs and other different wounds .

The brave fighter still committed to keep his struggle on , in order to ensure security and safety for his country , his wound didn’t deter him from achieving his goals and dreams in liberating his territories from all invaders and occupiers .

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