The Syrian Democratic Forces SDF has signed an action plan with the United Nation UN to end and prevent the recruitment of children under 18 .

The SDF commander in chief General Mazlum Abdi has signed in the name of SDF while Verginia Gamba the special representative of the secretary –General of the United Nation for children and armed conflicts has signed in the name of UN .

The agreement was signed in 29 June 2019 during a ceremony in the United Nation palace in Geneva .

According to the agreement , the SDF is committed within this action plan to end and prevent the recruitment of the children , confine the currently  recruited  boys and girls under the age of 18 and bring them out of its ranks , moreover establish preventive and disciplinary  measures regarding the recruitment and use of children .

The special representative Verginia Gamba has welcomed the commitment made by Syrian Democratic Forces SDF saying ” it is such an important day for the protection of children in Syria and it marks the beginning of an ongoing process as it demonstrates a deep commitment by the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF to ensure that no entity operating under its flag will recruit or use children “

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