Update: Violations of Turkish occupation continue in Tal Tamir and Ain Issa

The violations of Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue in north and eastern Syria:
– On Monday morning, the Turkish occupation shelled with heavy weapons the Tel Amir village, north of Zarkan city, causing material damage to civilian property and forcing farmers to stop agricultural work.
– This morning, the occupation shelled the villages of al- Muallak, al-Dibs (west of Ain Issa), and the M4 international road, Forcing villagers to stop working in their agricultural fields.
– For the third time in a week, shooting and repeated provocations by the occupation mercenaries prevented the residents of Um al-Baramil village (east of Ain Issa) from reaching their farms and making their living.
– The occupation targeted, with machine-gun and sniper-gun, the farmers in the villages of al-Salibi, Qazali Silos, and al-Mukhtariya (west of Tal Abyad).
These violations committed constantly by Turkey and its mercenaries pose an unusual threat to the de-escalation agreement and create extra difficulties for the residents in making their living in areas near the occupied areas. These daily attacks have become an additional dilemma of the food security and climate challenge in the north and eastern Syria.
SDF Media Center
November 15, 2021

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