Ain Issa challenges the brutality of the Turkish shelling

The Ain Issa town located north of Raqqa city is subjected to constant attacks by Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. Daily, they deliberately target the town and its villages with heavy artillery killing many innocent civilians.
Ali al-Hussein, a resident from Ain Issa’s frontline villages, refused to leave his modest rural home and preferred to stay there, even though the Turkish occupation artillery constantly targeted his village.
Despite his young age, he witnessed many war crimes and violations committed by Turkish occupation against the people who refused to leave their lands and chose to resist the occupation with their strong will beside the SDF.

Ali said that four civilians were killed in his village due to Turkish artillery shelling directly targeting their homes.
The daily shelling causes material damage to the people’s property, many villagers have refrained from cultivating their land, and many people were forced to evacuate their houses and move to camps.
He added: “We, Ain Issa people, will not be intimidated by Turkey’s terrorism and mercenaries, and we will not abandon the land of our fathers and grandfathers, no matter what the challenges”.

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