Arresting a Daesh Emir who hatched a scheme to breaking-in al-Hasaka prison

By one of the most complex joint security operations, The SDF Special Task Units, enabled by the international coalition against Daesh forces, have arrested one of the most dangerous fugitive leaders of Daesh, Mohammed Abid al-Awad nicknamed “Rasheed” who was responsible for many terrorist operations, including scheming to break-in the Gwayran Daesh detainees prison in al-Hasaka city. For the planned attack, he provided weapons, ammunition, 14 “suicide bombers” and two car bombs that were detected earlier and defused by our forces and the international coalition.

In early 2013, the terrorist Mohammed Abid al-Awad joined Jabhat al-Nusra, then he moved to the Daesh terrorists Organization, leading a battalion of “Tanks and Armored Vehicles” during the 2014 attack on Kobane. He also participated in dozens of Daesh attacks, committing numerous massacres against people in Syria, particularly the regions of the north and eastern Syria. Then, He disappeared, impersonating many fake names.

Last November, during a successful security operation, our forces and the Internal Security Forces thwarted the planned attack, saving the people of al-Hasaka and the region from a dangerous terrorist threat, arresting all members of Mohammed Abid al-Awad-led terrorist cell, yet he managed to disappear.

According to video confessions of terrorist Abid al-Awad, the break-in scheme was about large-scale terrorist operations, including car bombings at the prison gate to break it and create chaos, and raids by suicide bombers, to deliver explosives and weapons (165 Kalashnikovs and a full-fledged quiver of ammunition and bombs) to detainees to control the prison and the surrounding area.

Our forces that eliminated the so-called Daesh State in al-Baghuz and foiled the most dangerous terrorist acts, underscore the continuance of their struggle against Daesh and its terrorist cells to protect the people from all possible threats.

SDF Media Centre

December 25, 2021

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