Statement to public opinion

Within the framework of our fighting against the Daesh terrorist organization, our SDF Special Task Units have achieved remarkable work, saving our people and the world from a serious threat.
The expertise and vigilance of our forces thwarted the Daesh scheme of attacking al-Hasakah prison, by tracking all the terrorists involved in the plot, arresting and prisoning them all.
One of the arrestees was Mohammed Abid al-Awad, an emir in Daesh who committed many massacres in all regions of Syria, particularly the north and eastern Syria, the latest of which was his leading and scheming the attack plan on al-Hasaka prison.
But today, he is no longer committing massacres thanks to the vigilance and loyalty of our forces who arrested him.
On this basis and in these blessed days of Christmas, we dedicate this victory to our people and the whole world, and we thank our SDF and the international coalition against Daesh forces who participated in the operation.
In conjunction with the announcement of this victory against terrorism, the Turkish occupation has shown its annoyance of this victory by attacking our people in Kobane, which resulted in martyrs and wounded.
We extend our heartfelt condolences to our martyrs’ families and our people, and we wish a speedy recovery for the wounded. We promise our people to protect them from all threats and attacks, retaliate against the massacres committed, and hold the aggressors accountable.

The SDF General Command
December 26, 2021

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