300 Daesh terrorist mutineers surrendered in al-Sina’a prison

After the call for safe surrender and to hand over their arms, at 5 a.m., our forces raided and controlled one of the prison buildings where these terrorist mutineers barricaded, as a result about 300 mutineers surrendered to our forces. The operation is ongoing as planned.
Moreover, our forces and Internal Security Forces continue the sweep operation conducted in the Geweran neighborhood, tracking down the terrorist cells that have tried to support the terrorist mutineers in the prison. Our forces show a high level of accuracy and caution for the safety of civilians who were used as human shields in some points holed by these terrorist cells. During clashes, 8 terrorists were eliminated, on the other hand, one of our fighters was martyred.
SDF Media Center
4:06 PM
January 24, 2022

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