A New Comandos Course starts in the Martyr Hiwa Sana Academy

The Martyr Hiwa Sana Academy opened, on Tuesday (January 11th), a new commando course in al-Hol Town, al-Hasaka countryside.
The new course included 100 fighters and was entitled Asmar Zagros. and it will last for four months, during which the fighters will receive intellectual and political lectures, in addition to intensive military exercises.
The opening ceremony began with a minute of silence for the sake of the martyrs, followed by a military parade by the fighters, and then Hakki Kobane, a commander in the al-Jazeera Military Councils, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the fighters. He stated that due to the difficult circumstances we are currently going through and the Turkish threats, our young people from various areas continue to join the commandos to thwart the attacks of the Turkish occupation against the areas of north and eastern Syria.
The opening ceremony concluded with conducting the military oath by the fighters.

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