Al-Hasaka Military Council Holds A Consultative Meeting With Local Dignitaries And Intellectuals

The al-Hasaka Military Council held a meeting with local tribal leaders, dignitaries, and intellectuals to discuss the Turkish threats, recent developments in the region, and the local services. The meeting was attended by leaders from the military councils in the al-Jazeera region and the command of the al-Jazeera Military Council.
The meeting began with a minute of silence for the sake of the martyrs, followed by a speech delivered by Haqqi Kobane, the leader in al-Jazeera Military Councils Command, in which he welcomed the attendees, and congratulated them for the new year, hoping that it will be the year of victory and the liberation of all the occupied areas.
He underscored the importance of the solidarity of the region’s peoples in defeating Daesh terrorism and the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and thwarting its schemes aimed at occupying new parts of our territory.
Then the local community leaders discussed the recent events, especially the Turkish occupation’s escalated attacks on Tal Tamir and Zarkan areas. They highlighted the need to strengthen the housekeeping front and societal cohesion to defeat the political war targetting north and eastern Syria,
and they confirmed that they will work hand in hand with the SDF to foil the Turkish aggression.

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