In honor of the al-Hasaka Martyrs, our forces commit to escalating the fight against terrorism

To public opinion

Since the last attack on al-Hasaka prison by Daesh terrorists, January 20, our fighters have made great sacrifices to protect the region’s population and global security. Those sacrifices have thwarted the dangerous terrorist scheme of controlling the most dangerous prison that holds the world’s most dangerous terrorists.
We at SDF proudly recall 17 martyrs of our SDF and the Internal Security Forces and service institutions’ volunteers, who have martyred while addressing the terrorist attacks and preventing the terrorist detainees from escaping. We wish the speedy recovery for 23 of our fellow fighters and civil employees injured during the attack.
Our martyrs’ blood inspires our fighters to continue the fight against the Daesh terrorist organization and its supporters.
SDF Media Center
06:30 PM
January 22, 2022

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