Statement by the SDF General Command regarding Daesh’s attack on the al-Sina’a prison

To the media and public opinion:

The continuous threats of Turkey against our regions is becoming obvious to public. As we know, the Turkish drones killed six young people in Kobane earlier this month. Subsequently, the Turkish state has increased the attacks and targeting civilians in Ain Issa, Zarkan, and Tal Tamir.
Our forces have resisted fiercely, defending our region’s people against the occupation attacks. Despite that, Daesh mercenaries have launched a massive attack on the world’s most dangerous prison of al-Sina’a that holds Daesh terrorist detainees who pose a threat not only to the region but also to the world at large.
According to the confessions of the arrested terrorists, more than 200 suicide terrorists involved in the attack, some of whom had come from the areas of Sri Kaneh/Ras al-Ain, Gri Spi/Tel Abyad, and from Iraq, and had taken the Geweran neighborhood as a hideout and a starting point for their attack. After six-month-long preparations, they attacked the prison, on January 20, roughly at 7.30 p.m., with car bombs. The terrorist detainees attacked the prison staff (medical and kitchen staff and guards) in conjunction with the attack from outside in an attempt to escape, yet they failed.
There is no clear information on the fate of these staff so far. Although a few managed to get to the building of the Faculty of Economics adjacent to the prison, our forces controlled the whole perimeter of the prison. The fiercest clashes were with the sleeper cells attacking from outside the prison, in the eastern neighborhoods of Geweran and al-Zuhour, in addition to the Panorama Square, that resulted in killing most of the terrorist attackers, controlling some hidden tunnels used by the terrorist attackers, and confiscating a number of heavy weapons, including DShK weapons.
Now the prison is under our forces’ control thanks to the measures taken by our forces that foiled all terrorist detainees’ attempts to escape, and our forces are working to impose their control inside the prison as well. We believe that there are roughly two or three terrorist cells are still stationed in the Geweran neighborhood, so our forces are continuing the sweep operations in the neighborhood.
Over the past three days, our forces neutralized more than 160 terrorist attackers and nearly 15 terrorist detainees who clashed with our forces while trying to escape prison. In total, more than 175 terrorists have been killed so far. On the other hand, 27 of our brave fighters have been heroically martyred.
 Now the situation is under our forces’ control, who have begun a large-scale sweep operation, with the participation of about 10,000 fighters of SDF and Internal Security Forces (ISF).
We have also conducted a large-scale operation to eliminate the terrorist sleeper cells of Daesh in al-Hasaka, Raqqa and Deir Ezzor.
Over the past three days, our forces (SDF), Internal Security Forces (Asayish) and community protection forces (HPC) was very vigilant achieving their duty. The International Coalition Forces against ISIS have also participated very effectively by supporting our forces.
Moreover, our people in the Geweran neighborhoods and in al-Hasaka in general cooperated with our forces, and we thank them for their stance and dedication. However, some terrorist cells of Daesh are still in the neighborhood, and our forces are pursuing them to eliminate or arrest them. We call on our people and all citizens in al-Hasaka to cooperate with the security forces. Because the terrorists are hiding among civilians, our forces are dealing with the situation with great sensitivity to ensure the protection of civilian lives and properties.
We in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and in order to rid our region and the whole world of Daesh’s terrorism, have made our decision to fight the terrorist organization of Deash and eliminate its so-called state, we also affirm that today we are more resolved to eliminate the remnants of the terrorist organization, and we will put an enduring end to them, freeing the world from this scourge. This is our decision, and our response to the Daesh attack will be in this context. However, we believe that there is a need to make some other information clear to the public.
According to the confessions and statements of some arrested terrorists of Deash, the leaders and the masterminds of these terrorists are present in the areas occupied by Turkey such as Sri Kaneh/Ras al-Ain, so the terrorist detainees tried to escape to those areas, and some of them came from the area of Ramadi in Iraq, and it is no coincidence that while our forces are preoccupied in addressing the terrorist attack on the prison, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries launched an attack on the positions of our forces in Ain Issa and its surroundings causing the martyrdom of three of our fighters who showed heroic resistance and thwarted their attacks. The Turkish occupation also launched other attacks on the areas of Tal Tamir and Abu Racine. There is a close connection between these attacks and those of the terrorists.
Just as we have heroically defended our people and our regions against all attacks, we also reiterate that we will continue to protect and defend them.
The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces
January 23, 2022
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