The Outcome of Turkish occupation’s attacks during the first half of January 2022

Kobane, Tal Abyad, Ain Issa, Tal Tamir, Manbij, Shahba, Tal Rifaat,


 In 2021, the Turkish occupation violated all international agreements and understandings related to de-escalation in north and eastern Syria by committing many crimes against civilians. Its crimes and violations continued to the first half of December 2022, taking advantage of the international silence to attack the areas of Shahba, Manbij, Kobane, Ain Issa, Tal Tamir, Zarkan, and villages along the international road(M4). The occupation has resorted to falsifying facts to justify its attacks and violations by claiming and announcing that it targeted our fighters, killing them on many occasions. Otherwise, this outcome we publish shows the lies of Turkish allegations that aim at the resurgence of Daesh and destabilizing security in the region

The Outcome:


Reconnaissance Drones of the Turkish occupation breached the airspace of the Kobane region 20 times, and four times over the areas between Kobane and Serin.

Turkish shelling on Kobane and its countryside resulted in 12 injured civilians, including five serious injuries and one civilian killed and three others were injured, including a child whose feet were amputated in Kermog village, east of Kobane.

The shelling targetted the city of Kobane and the villages between Kobane and Tal Abyad (Kermog, Khani, Tal Hajib, Sarzuri, Koltbe). The military command of the Turkish occupation tried to distort the facts by showing the targetted civilians as fighters that they had been martyred during a clash, when in fact they were civilians injured during the barbaric Turkish shelling.

Tal Abyad:

The western villages of Tal Abyad were subjected to heavy shelling by Turkish artillery and tanks. Kor Hassan and Khirbet Bakar were shelled three times.

Kolteb was shelled six times.

 Bir Nasser, Salbi, Berkhat, Um Hawish, Khirbet Fares, Sarzuri, Hurriya, Mukhtariya, and Al-Sawan were targeted with dozens of artillery and mortar shells.

 Jarn village was targeted by three artillery shells and two rockets. Zenobia village was targeted three times. Arid village was targeted twice by artillery.

The brutal shelling resulted in one injured civilian and caused damage to dozens of houses and farms.

Ain Issa:

The western villages of Ain Issa (Khalidiya, Hoshan, and Debs), the northern ones (Al-Muallak, Sayda, and Al-Mushirfa), the M4 international road, and the Ain Issa camp were shelled by artillery and tanks, resulting in injuring three civilians. Eleven mortar shells landed on the villages of al-Fatsa and al-Safawia, west of the town.

Tal Tamir:

The villages of Tal Tamer (Um al-Kaif, Tal Kifji, Tal Taweel, Tal Juma, Tal Shenan) were subjected to heavy artillery shelling. The al-Dardara village was attacked six times, Um al-Kaif: 32 attacks, al-Abowsh: 9 attacks, Tal Shenan: 2 attacks, Kozlia villages and Tal Taweel: 10 attacks, Tal Juma: 3 artillery and tank Zarkan:

Using artillery and mortars, the Turkish occupation shelled the center of the Zarkan district, in addition to the villages of Asadia, Nuwayhat, Tal al-Ward, and Tal Shaer. Turkish reconnaissance crafts have also breached the airspace of the region several times.


Turkish reconnaissance aircraft violated the area several times, and a civilian was injured due to a drone attack.

Tal Rifaat:

The town and its surroundings were bombarded with reconnaissance aircraft and artillery.

Shahba areas:

The Turkish occupation simultaneously shelled several villages in the areas of Shahba and Afrin:

Ain Daqana Village: 6 attacks, Tal Madek: 4 attacks, Harbel: 4 attacks, Meng: two attacks, Shuargah: 7 attacks, and al-Shahba Dam: 4 artillery shells. The occupation also shelled the villages of Belonia and Sheikh Issa with mortar shells.

Moreover, the villages of Sherra and Shirawa in Afrin have been shelled: Maranaz and al-Malikia: 9 artillery shells, and al-Irshadia: 6 shells, Skanka with more than 30 mortar shells.

Turkish reconnaissance aircraft have violated the airspace of the region several times.

The total number of attacks on the region during the first half of January: 225 attacks by mortars, artillery, and tanks, during which one civilian was killed and 31 others injured.

SDF Media Center

January 17, 2022

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