The SDF General Command Statement regarding the last terrorist attack on al-Sina’a prison by Daesh

To the Media and Public Opinion
On January 20, 2022, roughly 7 p.m., and through prior planning, the Daesh terrorists waged an attack using several suicide bombers on al-Sina’a prison that hols thousands of Daesh terrorist detainees.
In the beginning, the terrorists exploded a car bomb at the main gate of the prison and attacked it from three axes, in an attempt to control the prison and strike our forces that intervened to abort this attack.
At the same time, thousands of the terrorist detainees inside attacked the prison staff, such as internal security forces and institutional workers, and a large cargo car loaded with weapons and ammunition approached the prison gate so that terrorist detainees could get weapons as they escaped from the prison.
Had the attack succeeded, they would have continued their attack against the Geweran and al-Zuhour neighborhoods, in addition to some civil and military institutions of the Autonomous Administration in the region, and that was exactly the scheme that they wanted to implement.
Once again, tunnels had been dug inside some houses in neighborhoods such as Geweran and al-Zuhour in order to back the attack. That is how they prepared the ground for the success of their plan. But at first, the prison guards and our fighters showed super bravery, fought valiantly until they reached the stage of martyrdom. These comrades were the main factor in thwarting the Daesh well-planned scheme that adopted the surprise method. Then our forces (SDF) and the internal security forces (Asayish) intervened quickly, moved in an orderly manner, and imposed the siege on the prison and the university building adjacent to the prison wall. After controlling the perimeter of that wall, it was found that some Daesh terrorist detainees who managed to escape from the prison dormitories had reached those buildings, and barricaded there, so a tight cordon was imposed around those buildings as well.
On the other hand, our forces had imposed a complete security cordon on the vicinity of the Geweran neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. Then our forces started the attack phase.
As part of the “Hammer of peoples” operation, our forces have conducted a sweep and clear-up operation against Daesh terrorists in the vicinity of the prison, in the al-Hasaka neighborhoods, and also in the areas of Deir Ezzor and Raqqa. Our SDF and the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) moved very professionally towards the groups of the terrorist attackers, eliminating many of them and incapacitating other armed attackers.
As a result, all the terrorist detainees were recaptured and transferred to other prisons.
In order not to harm the lives and homes of citizens in Hasaka, as well as to protect the children (cubs of the caliphate) in prison, and because ISIS mercenaries used them as “human shields”, for these reasons, our forces moved with high sensitivity and had long patience to deal with the situation, which made the process take additional time.
In order not to harm the lives and homes of citizens in al-Hasaka and to protect the children (the caliphate cubs) were used by Daesh terrorists as “human shields”, our forces dealt with the situation in high sensitivity and long patience which made the process take a long time.
In the end, based on the heroism of prison guards under the leadership of Comrade Jamal Kobane, who showed unique resistance by their robust and rapid intervention, and by the beginning of the sweep operation in al-Hasaka, the Daesh terrorist scheme was foiled, and the situation was controlled.
The Daesh terrorist attack was undoubtedly not a normal attack, and it was part of a long-planned extensive scheme. According to the documents confiscated and the confessions of the captured leaders of the terrorist attackers, it was found that if their attack had succeeded, they would have attacked other neighborhoods in al-Hasaka as well, in conjunction with the attacks on the areas of Al-Hol, Al-Shadada, and Deir Ezzor, to put their extensive scheme into effect, thus declaring the alleged caliphate of Daesh, falsely called the “Second Islamic State”. The attack on the al-Sina’a prison was not a local attack, nor could it be limited to the prison alone, and it was not only aimed at releasing a number of terrorist detainees, but also they wanted to launch a large-scale attack on the area to spread once again their terrorism in killing and imposing darkness on the people of the area and to revive the terrorist organization again.
However, their scheme ultimately failed at the end, and again, as what happened in the al-Baguz, they collectively surrendered to our forces, and we took full control of the situation.
Once again, our forces have strongly demonstrated their boldness, vigilance, and their ability in achieving victories, creating the spirit and hope of victory for all the region’s components, proving its worth, and earning the confidence of their people.
Without a doubt, the large-scale scheme of the daesh terrorist organization was not a purely local attack. According to the information we have and the confessions of the arrested terrorists, some of the terrorist attackers came from the occupied areas of Sri Kaneh/Ras al-Ain and Gri Spi/Tal Abyad, and others came from Iraq to support them. However, the basis of the scheme and the management of the attack, “i.e. the operating room”, according to the documents, was prepared outside the Syrian border.
Certainly, the Daesh terrorist attack was not out of the blue. After the victory achieved in al-Baguz, and the end of the geographical presence of Daesh, the terrorist organization reconstituted and revived its ranks to adapt to the new conditions and circumstances, to regain its former power, and impose fear and terrorism on society and the people of the region. He has always attempted to attack, but our forces, especially in the areas of Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, al-Shadada, and on the Iraq-Syria border, have been fighting relentlessly for more than three years the Daesh terrorist organization. If the Daesh terrorist organization could stand on its feet and strengthen itself, it would have been able to conduct terrorist attacks and operations, yet it failed to do so. What happened in the attack on the al-Sina’a prison confirms that it has invested in the political circumstances and has been assisted, directly or indirectly, by some regional States. In this context, the role of the Turkish state was the most prominent.
The Turkey State is the most responsible for the Deash terrorist attack on the al-Sina’a prison and the continued existence of the Daesh terrorist organization. The Turkey State’s attacks and constant threats on the north and eastern Syria give Daesh terrorist organization moral strength to catch its breath again and prepare the ground for a regrouping. Occupied areas such as Sri Kaneh/Ras al-Ain and Gri Spi/Tal Abyad have also been transformed into the safest and most protected areas for Daesh to organize itself and train its elements, and some of the terrorists attacking the al-Sina’a prison came from those areas. On this basis, the Turkish State is responsible for the terrorist attacks on the region.
On the other hand, good cooperation has emerged between our SDF and the international coalition forces against Daesh. The work and fight against Daesh took place at a good level, where operations were coordinated and conducted together
. But since the defeat of Daesh geographically, leaving thousands of Daesh detainees and tens of thousands of their families living in Al-Hol camp, it caused a heavy burden on SDF and the Autonomous Administration, and the recent attack has proved that the Daesh still poses a major threat not only to our regions but also to the security of the whole world. This attack showed that there is an urgent need for international military and political assistance, particularly by the international coalition, to the SDF and Autonomous Administration, and intensify the assistance by providing advanced technology to eliminate the terrorist organization and to stop this imminent threat to the whole world. This is certainly a responsibility directly related to working to fight the Daesh terrorist organization, as well as to solving the issue Daesh families by the SDF, Autonomous Administration, and the international coalition, which is ultimately a joint responsibility.
This attack once again demonstrated the need to seek radical solutions to the issue of Daesh families in the al-Hol camp that has become a time bomb with a pulled safety pin, and the need to speed up the trial and prosecution of Daesh terrorists by constructing an international tribunal.
The longer it takes to find implemented solutions to these issues on the ground, the more benefits Daesh got.
Our people in al-Hasaka in general, ” Kurds, Arab, Syriac and Assyrians”, particularly those living in the neighborhoods of Geweran, al-Zuhour, al-Nashwa, and in all neighborhoods of the city, have shown, over the past week, unprecedented cooperation with our SDF and with the Internal Security Forces (Asayish), defending their neighborhoods and cities, providing information swiftly to the security forces. The last week has also proved that if fighters and the people unite, victory is inevitable and achieved. This has become a luminous example of that fact we have experienced. We, therefore, thank our people in al-Hasaka for their vigilance and spirit of sacrifice, as well as for their help and honorable standing with their forces. We say to our people in the north and eastern Syria that it is necessary to be more vigilant and alert against all attacks by Daesh and others and that they must organize themselves strongly to defend their neighborhoods, villages, and homes. This is one of the lessons that can be deduced from this attack by Deash terrorist organization.
Once again, we thank the international coalition forces, which have shown, over the past week, good cooperation and coordination with our forces and have strongly and effectively provided the necessary assistance.
The SDF and the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) have also shown a high spirit of sacrifice, and have made the hopes and schemes of Daesh stuck in their throats. In this operation, a number of our fighters have risen to the rank of martyrdom. On this basis, we recall with all due respect and pride all the martyrs of the “Hammer of peoples” operation, and we promise them to achieve the victory, and we congratulate our people and all our fighters and leaders for the success of this operation.
We call on the public and all relevant parties, telling them that in order for Daesh’s nightmare not to happen again, and not to be able to regroup again, it would be imperative to provide aid and assistance — more strongly — to the SDF, the people and components of north and eastern Syria and the Autonomous Administration. The more political, military, and economic support for SDF and Autonomous Administration, the more Daesh gets weakened and enters the atrophy stage.
As a result, the Daesh terrorist organization tried to bring the area and its people back to the dark days and a nightmare hanging over them, so it benefited from several parties. But, the heroism, boldness, skill, vigilance of our fighters, and the association of our people with their forces and rally around them and on the anniversary of the victory of the resistance of Kobane and with its spirit, they made another victory, and we, in turn, dedicate this victory to our people and martyrs.
As part of the “Hammer of Peoples” operation, and in areas such as Deir Ezzor and Raqqa, local sweep operations are still ongoing in specific points and widely against the remnants of the Daesh and its sleeper cells.
The outcome of the Hammer of Peoples operation:
 The Daesh terrorist detainees inside the prison brutally killed 77 martyrs of the prison staff and guards. In the 7-day-long clashes outside the prison, 40 of our fighters and 4 civilians were martyred.
In total: 121 of our fighters and prison staff were heroically martyred.
Once again, we recall with all due respect and reverence all of our martyrs.
The number of Deash terrorist detainees and attackers killed 374.
The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces
January 31,  2022

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