Update – Liberating nine of the prison staff captured in al-Sina’a prison

In precise security and military operations conducted earlier yesterday evening, our forces succeeded in liberating nine captured (prison staff) from the clutches of Daesh terrorists, moving them to safe places.
On the other hand, our forces conducted a sweep operation in the al-Zuhour neighborhood targeted Daesh terrorist attackers who barricaded at the civilians’ houses in an attempt to commit terrorist acts supporting the terrorist mutineers in al-Sina’a prison. The operation resulted in eliminating five terrorists wearing explosive belts.
In the eastern neighborhood of Geweran, our forces raided the terrorist hotbeds, clashed with them, and eliminated nine terrorists, including two suicide bombers.
On the outskirts of the al-Khabur River, southern al-Hasaka, our forces continued the sweep operation searching for the terrorists planned to conduct terrorist acts to support the terrorist mutineers trapped in al-Sina prison, and managed to eliminate three of them during a clash.
Our forces continue the security and military operations with precision in al-Alsina’a prison and its perimeter, Deir Ezzor eastern countryside, and Raqqa province.
SDF Media Center
09:30 AM
January 25, 2022

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