Arresting an Iraqi terrorist while trying to get to Turkey

Our SDF Special Units arrested an Iraqi terrorist affiliated with Daesh at a checkpoint in Raqqa city while trying to get to the Turkish territories with the help of some Daesh collaborators.
According to the terrorist’s confessions, he got injured when his car hit a landmine on Assaria-Khanaser road in the Badia (desert) of Raqqa. He used to move between the Wadi al-Miah, Damascus, al-Sokhna desert, Palmyra desert, and Aleppo countryside.
Terrorist Abdullah Abdul Karim Abdullah joined Daesh in 2017 and underwent military training, then he went out to Salah al-Din area, Iraq, and stayed there for four months, then he returned to the al-Shamia, then he retreated to the Syrian desert after expelling Daesh from the al-Shamia.
According to his confessions, he was meant to be cured in Urfa or Gaziantep, Turkey, where there are designated motels in Turkey for treating the Daesh elements.

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