Eliminating one of Daesh leaders and arresting another in two separate operations in Deir Ezzor

Our SDF Special Units enabled by local military councils conducted two security and military operations against Daesh terrorist cells in Deir Ezzor, resulting in neutralizing a dangerous terrorist and arresting another.
The first operation was conducted in the Jazrat al-Milaj, in which our forces managed to neutralize a dangerous terrorist leader called Abu Hamza Shamia who was responsible for planning and committing a terrorist act, on February 10, targeting a post belongs to the Deir Ezzor military council in the al-Zir village, Deir Ezzor eastern countryside, led to the martyrdom of five fighters.
Terrorist Abu Hamza (in the attached picture) is one of the most dangerous Daesh terrorists in the Deir Ezzor, and he was responsible for preparing and planning terrorist acts targeting our fighters and tribal leaders in the region during the past period.
The second security operation was conducted in Zugair village, Deir Ezzor western countryside, in which our forces arrested terrorist Shukri Kamal Khalil (pictured attached). The terrorist Shukri was responsible for distributing weapons, ammunition, and explosives to Daesh terrorist cells in the Deir Ezzor area. Large quantities of weapons, ammunition, and narcotics were confiscated.
Recently, our forces have arrested the terrorist Mohammed Ahmed Karz in Raqqa city. Karz was responsible for funding and financing the Daesh terrorist cells in north and eastern Syria and their families in the al-Hol camp.

The terrorist Abo Hamza Shamia
The terrorist Shukri Kamal Khalil
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