Statement regarding the Turkish occupation’s air attack on Derik countryside

To the media and public opinion


 The massive attacks of the terrorist organization “Daesh” on Al-Hasakah prison, were directly planned with the help of the Turkish occupation state. On the anniversary of Kobani liberation day, the attacks were thwarted by our forces with the help and vigilance of our region’s people and dealt the second blow to the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries.
 To achieve gains from the attacks and to create chaos in our areas by its mercenaries, Turkey attacked the regions of Tal Tamir, Ain Issa, and other areas in conjunction with Daesh’s massive attack on the al-Hasaka prison, but our forces managed to thwart these attacks as well. and the Turkish occupation state did not achieve its goals from these attacks, then the international coalition forces have opened the airspace for the Turkish occupation on February 1st,  at about 10 PM,  who conducted airstrikes targeting the power station in “Kar Kendal” near the village of “Taql Bakl” in “Direka Hamko” region, resulting in destructing the station and the martyrdom of 4 of our fighters who were protecting the station and wounding 5 civil employees. The martyrs are “Siamand Afrin, Khamgin  Afrin, Shiyar Kobani, and Muhyiddin Derik”.
 The Turkish occupation state could not bear the scenes of our martyrs’ funerals who fought valiantly to the last breath against the Daesh terrorists in Al-Hasakah, further, it was angered by the popular rally around the martyrs and their case.
It is pretty obvious that the attacks of the Turkish occupation state were not conducted without the knowledge of the international coalition forces.  Therefore, the Turkish occupation state, through the silence of the international coalition forces, seeks to legitimize its attacks and shell our people, our villages, and our infrastructures with its employees. 
We, SDF, will not remain defenseless and silent in the face of these attacks, and we will hold the Turkish occupation state accountable for this flagrant aggression.
SDF Media Center 
February 2, 2022

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