The Confessions of one of the Deash cells funders

Our SDF Special Units have arrested a terrorist responsible for transferring funds and money to the Daesh sleeper cells and Daesh families in al-Hol camp in north and eastern Syria.
The terrorist (Mohammed Ahmed Karz) admitted to receiving funds from Turkey and Idlib in northwestern Syria and then distributing them to the Deash sleeper cells.
The terrorist, who came from the al-Bab city, took advantage of the good humanitarian conditions in Raqqa city to settle down and to form a cell to blackmail the merchants of Raqqa city, forcing and treating them to pay money under the name of (zakat) to be distributed to the Deash sleeper cells.
Recently, he has received an IED to be detonated in front of a shop in the city, where the terrorist (Karz) was arrested in a preemptive operation conducted by our SDF Special Units.
According to his confessions, his task was initially to receive funds sent from Turkey and Idlib and distribute them to cell elements in various areas, including the al-Hol camp.
The terrorist Mohammed also revealed a second source of funding followed by the cells, which is blackmailing merchants and pressuring them to pay the money, where he revealed his relationship with Ibrahim, whose mission was to receive IEDs and explosives from the same areas in Idlib and Turkey to target and blackmail local merchants who refrain from paying money to the cells of the organization. Taking advantage of Karaz’s knowledge of the names of local merchants as he works in one of Raqqa’s huge commercial markets.

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