Al-Hol Military Council continues to offer services to its fighters, martyrs’ families and civilians

Al-Hol Military Council, which is part of Syrian Democratic Forces, is working hard to provide security and stability in the areas under its control.
In a meeting with the commander of the Al-Hol Military Council, “Serhad Terbe Spieh,” he confirmed that the areas in which his forces are deployed are the towns of “Al-Hol, Tel Brak, Tel Hamis, all the way to the town of Jaza’a .
The commander Serhad pointed out that the military council composed of several offices, including : “Public Relations, the Military Police, the Office of Martyrs’ Families, Office of the Wounded, the Health House, the recruitment Office, the Archives, and office of the families of the fighters.
Serhad added ” the relation office works hard to strengthen links among clans of the region and denounce differences” .
” external parties are working to spread sectarian strife among the clans ” he added .
He concluded that office of the fighter’s families is working to solve problems between the fighters and the civil society , while office of martyr’s families providing all basic needs to the families of the martyrs.

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