As Women’s Day approaches, lightening candles on the martyrs’ shrines in different areas

As International Women’s Day approaches, The YPJ and Women’s Organizations in the north and eastern Syria held several events and activities.
In al-Hasaka city, The Women’s Committee, The Martyrs’ Families Association, and the YPJ headed to the Martyr Djwar Cemetry in the al-Daoudia village to light candles on the shrines of martyrs. Hundreds of People from al-Hasaka city and its vicinity attended and participated in the event.

The Martyr Dijwar Cemetery

In al-Tabqa city, the same event took place in the Martyrs Cemetery. Upon an invitation by the Women Administration, the Martyrs’ Families Association, military councils, and hundreds of people have headed to the Martyrs’ Cemetery to light candles on the martyrs’ shrines.

The Martyrs’ Cemetery in al-Tabqa

The YPJ in the Abo-Khashab area in the eastern countryside Deir Ezzor have visited the Martyr Khidr al-Homada cemetery and lit candles to commemorate the martyrs and their great sacrifices in liberating our areas from terrorism.

YPJ Fighters lighten candles on martyrs’ shrine, Deir Ezzor.

It is noteworthy that International Women’s Day happens on the 8th of this month.

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