Funeral ceremony for three martyrs in the al-Shadadi cemetery

Al-Shadadi populace participated in the funeral ceremony of three martyrs, who martyred while addressing terrorism and the Turkish occupation.
Several SDF leaders, representatives from civil institutions, and the Martyrs’ Families Foundation participated in the funeral ceremony that began with a minute of silence for the martyrs’ souls, followed by a military parade of SDF fighters. Raja al-Matar, a leader in the Military Discipline, delivered a speech in which he extended his condolences for the martyrs’ families and highlighted the role of martyrs in liberating the region and ensuring its stability. He mentioned the great sacrifices made by the martyrs to rid societies of the darkness of terrorism and liberate their homelands from the occupiers.
the martyrs’ records are as follows:
1-Jamil Ayed al-Hasheem
2-Hisham Khalaf al-Husin
3-Tayseer Ahmad al-Khalaf
The funeral ceremony concluded by handing over the martyrdom certificates to the martyrs’ families and performing the burial rituals.


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