SDF, a rich history of victories and sacrifices

The Syrian Democratic Forces were able to attract the attention of millions of people in the areas that they liberated from terrorism, they have also won the world’s attention through the victories they achieved over terrorism that everyone has suffered from its crimes
The SDF has proven that it is the only hope for the people of northern and eastern Syria in defending their areas, it also won their respect due to the great sacrifices they did during the battles of honor against terrorism that has destabilized the region
Many female fighters within SDF were able to achieve the impossible with their patience, determination and steadfastness in the face of difficulties and adversity, in addition to the ability to turn them into victories and achievements that the regions of northern and eastern Syria enjoy.
The sacrifices that the female fighters within SDF made is a source of pride for the components of the region whose blood mixed in the battles against terrorism .
Today, the Syrian Democratic Forces are showing through their heroic victorious they made, the highest meanings of morals and humanity, as they gathered all the components of northern and eastern Syria within a single social fabric, and represented the highest forms of social justice, since they rejected ethnic, sectarian and religious discrimination, instead they could spread values of brotherhood of the people and the peaceful coexistence in the society .

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