YPJ and Women’s Committee in Tapqa and Deir Ezzor Celebrate the International Women’s Day

As International Women’s Day approaches, women’s civil and military councils in the north and eastern Syria have conducted several activities and events celebrating women’s day in north and eastern Syria.
In al-Tapqa city, The Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in the al-Tapqa congratulated, in interviews, all the women of the world and women in northern and eastern Syria in particular on this occasion. Amira Mohammed, joint leader of the al-Tapqa Military Council, congratulated the mothers of the SDF martyrs, recalling the sacrifices of martyrs and martyrs.
Moreover, a delegation from the YPJ has conducted visitations to the democratic civil institutions to honor women for their achievements since the liberation from terrorism in 2017.
In Deir Ezzor, the Women’s Committee in Deir Ezzor celebrated in al-Ma’amel Roundabout area , Deir Ezzor eastern countryside. The celebration was attended by women from different civil and military institutions and several speeches delivered followed by a show of folklore songs.

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