Military Relation Office Holds a reconciliation between two clans in Raqqa

The SDF Public Relation Office held a reconciliation, on April 27, between the clans of al-Shaeb and al-Jibara in the Raqqa city. The dispute happened between the two clans and resulted in killing a man from the al-Marandia clan.
The reconciliation meeting was attended by leaders from the SDF and ISF, tribal leaders from the Raqqa city, and a large number of Raqqa residence.
Ali al-Saleh, a member in the Public relation office, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the attendees asking them to abort the disputes and to avoid the seditions.
Sheik Hamad al-SHihada, the Sheik of al-Nuam clan, also delivered a speech in which he thanked the Military Command of the SDF for the efforts they exert in resolving disputes and spreading peace among local clans.

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