SDF Public Relation Office and Tribal Leaders Hold Reconciliation between two clans in Raqqa

Be virtue of the efforts exerted by the SDF Public Relation Office, the Civil public relation, and the tribal leaders of the Raqqa, a reconciliation was held between the clans of al-Marandia and al-Jibara after three-month-long dispute due to killing a man of one of the clans in Raqqa Samra village, east of Raqqa.
The reconciliation meeting was attended by leaders from the SDF and ISF and tribal leaders and dignitaries and a large number of civilians. li al-Saleh, a member in SDF Public Relation Office in Euphrates Region, delivered a speech on behalf of SDF in which he welcomed the attendees and thanked the everyone has contributed in this reconciliation, putting an end the dispute.
The two clans start returning to their homes after resolving the three-month-long dispute.

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