Syriac Union Party celebrates the Akitu Day

The Syriac Union Party held, this morning, a ceremony celebrating Akitu Day in the village of Tal Araboush, the western countryside of the al-Hasaka. The celebration was attended by the SDF General Command, representatives of political parties, representatives of civil institutions in the Autonomous Administration, and tribal leaders and dignitaries.
The celebration began with a minute of silence for the martyrs’ souls, followed by a speech delivered by a member of the Syriac Union Party, Hiba Asia, in which she said: “Our Assyrian Syriac people, today, celebrate this Day, challenging all attempts that aim at erasing their culture from existence.
On the other hand, Noruz Ahmed, the SDF General Command, congratulated the Assyrian Syriac people on this occasion and noted that the multiplicity of speeches delivered during this celebration and the diversity of cultures represent the participatory culture in this region for all its components since the dawn of history. Our celebration of the Syriac New Year means the beginning of life and the renewal of nature, and this culture has become a heritage of the peoples of the region, as is Nowruz. This region has become a source of humanity, brotherhood, equality, and freedom.”
The celebration concluded with the presentation of several songs, expressing the culture of the Assyrian-Chaldean Syriac people.

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