The bimonthly outcome of the Turkish occupation violations against Ain Issa and Tal Abyad countryside

Since the beginning of April, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have escalated the shelling targeting villages in the vicinity of Ain Issa and the M4 International Road. To the west, they targeted the villages of Muallak, Sida, Jadida, Ain Issa camp, and the M4 International Road with about 48 shells of artillery, mortar, and tank.

Moreover, the occupation targeted with heavy weapons villages to the north of Ain Issa such as al-Masheirfa that was subjected to 13 attacks and 63 shells of different kind of heavy weapons.
The western countryside of Tal Abyad was also heavily shelled by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. On April 9, They targeted the al-Arida village with 10 artillery shells and were accompanied by Turkish reconnaissance flights.
The villages of the eastern countryside of Ain Issa, namely “Um al-Baramils, al-Hawija, al-Fatsa, Al-Ghazili, and Sakiro”, were also targeted five times with 40 heavy artillery shells accompanied by flare bombs and 23 mm DShK weapons on daily basis.
On April 16, the al-Ghazili village was shelled resulting in injuring the civilian Hassan Hamad al-Salama and causing extensive material damage to his property.
These escalated attacks by the Turkish occupation on our populated villages covered by the Ceasefire Agreement come as the result of the preoccupation of Russia (the guarantor) with the Ukrainian war. Therefore, Turkey takes advantage of this situation to the silence of the Russia and US to keep attacking our areas.

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