The Military Relations hold a reconciliation between two clans in al-Jazeera region

The Military Relations Office of al-Jazeera region held, on 31 March, a reconciliation between the clans of al-Bakara and al-Tofaiheen in the al-Nashwah neighborhood, al-Hasaka city.
The dispute between the two clans occurred as the result of the martyrdom of a man from al-Bakara clan.
The reconciliation meeting was attended by the Relation Office of Deir Ezzor Military Council, a delegation from the al-Bakara clan headed by the Sheik Hachim al-Bashir, and a delegation from the al-Tofaiheen clan.
Ahmed al-Musa, a leader from the Military Relations Office of the al-Jazeera region, said: “The martyr is from the military forces, and we always reject such incidents, but Allah has decreed it and what He willed has happened, and we thank all the Sheiks and dignitaries of both al-Bakara and al-Tofaiheen clans and for their efforts to resolve the dispute.”
At the end of the reconciliation meeting, the two clans shake hands announcing the end of the dispute.

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