The Military Relations holds a reconciliation among the al-Ghanim al-Zahir clan

The SDF Public Relations Office in the Euphrates region held, on April 6, a reconciliation among members of the al-Ghanim al-Zahir clan after an 8-month-long dispute due to the killing of one of its members in a quarrel.
The reconciliation meeting was attended by tribal leaders and dignitaries of Raqqa and leaders from SDF.
Haji Ramadan, one of the dignitaries of the al-Ghanim al-Zahir clan, welcomed the attendees, including the SDF leaders, and thanked all those who contributed to resolving this dispute.
He said: “We must stand together in the face of the terrorism and challenges we face, reject side tribal differences, and cooperate to increase national and community cohesion.
The reconciliation meeting concluded with the contending parties signing on the blood money document and shaking hands.


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